A ray of Light
in the Darkness

Everyday Problems.

Real-life problems of ordinary people.

Meet real people in real life

People in real life

Lighting up their world has never been easier

We find those who need your help.

We get countless requests for help. Sometimes the person in need reaches out himself and sometimes it’s a friend, family member, or a community leader who alerts us to the situation. Regardless of how we hear about it, every case gets thoroughly investigated to make sure the need is legitimate.

Core Value
Bringing light into their lives with dignity & respect.

We strongly believe that every person deserves to keep his dignity intact no matter what his cirsumstances may be. We help people in the way they need it most while being as discreet as possible.

Meet Us

Meet our Volunteers

Our Volunteers are dedicated, efficient and passionate about helping others. They volunteer their precious time and share their talent and skills to help those in need in the most discreet and respectable way possible.

This is how we do it

There are countless organizations to help those who need it, from soup kitchens to clothing drives to boxes of food delivered to people’s doorstep. Our approach is somewhat different. We work to get money directly to those in need so thet they can use it to cover their basic needs, in a respectabe way. No one needs to know where the money came from and they can get financial help they need to provide for their families in a dignified manner

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